‘Karin’ Dress

This is my first actual blog post, so hi!
I bought this dress from House of CB in March, it’s £105 but lucky for me I had my birthday discount!! I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a dress but I bought two as a birthday treat. I bought the dress in a medium, I’m a UK size 10/12 (10 on top, 12 below) and it fits me perfectly. The dress is definitely true to size.
When I first ordered, I noticed that the money hadn’t gone out of my account so I emailed Houseofcb and they responded very quickly to tell me that the dress was only in stock in a secondary warehouse so I would have to wait up to 2 weeks for delivery. They offered me the chance to cancel but I stuck with it, and was pleasantly surprised to receive the dress only a week later.

This dress is so soft and although it’s quite heavy, it feels great on. The thick bandage fabric helps to create a beautiful curvy silhouette whilst helping to hide problem areas ie lumps around my hip or a bloated belly (I eat too much). I love a good LBD and this is perfect, it may be tight but it’s very stretchy so is great for dancing on a night out.

There is a problem with this dress: the thick fabric makes it heavy and in a hot club I may break out in a sweat. This can cause a sticky feeling and can be a little uncomfortable (but who cares about a lil sweat when you look this great??). Furthermore, the label on the back of the dress is quite scratchy so I cut it off-this is only a tiny issue though and may just be because I have sensitive skin.
IMG_3227I’ve worn this gorgeous dress out a few times now, and every time I have been complimented. It’s figure hugging whilst still ‘leaving something to the imagination’ so to say. There are two shades of black; the actual dress is what I would call a soft black, and the strips of elasticy fabric placed over the top are a darker, almost shinier, black. These strips help define the curvaceous silhouette the dress creates. The cross-straps help keep “the girls” in place (actually making it look like I have some cleavage) and the detailing around the chest area creates a boost effect. The shoulder straps-covered by my hair, sorry-are about 1-1.5cm thick. This works well for people with broad shoulders as well as those with narrow shoulders because they sit at the point the collar bone meets the shoulder so don’t have a widening effect.

I often accompany this dress with black tights and black shoes with a bright statement clutch, but it also works amazingly when I let my legs free and pair the dress with some nude shoes. As you can see from my picture earlier, I do basic make up – just eyeliner and some red matte lipstick (along with my foundation, contouring and a bit of sugarbomb blush of course)- when wearing the ‘Karin’ as I prefer to not draw attention away from the dress with full make up. If you’re a bit braver than me I’d definitely follow the recommendation on the Houseofcb website to wear the dress with some bright shoes.

This dress is a great staple for my wardrobe, it’s a wonderful LBD and I’m extremely happy I decided to splurge a little by taking the plunge and buying an expensive dress (well, expensive for me).

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 01.45.22


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