Everything5pounds Review

Everything5pounds.com is like a Poundland for fashion, only everything is £5 not 1. I love it, but you do have to be cautious with what you buy and as the website consists of many brands (that are not named) the sizing for items can vary quite a bit. Also, delivery is a bit expensive, but I find it still works out cheaper than buying clothes elsewhere. Delivery price vary’s with number of items: when I ordered 4 items delivery was £5.80 but when I ordered 6 this went up to £8.22. All of my orders have been delivered 3-4 days after delivery and I have always been sent tracking emails with royalmail for these.

I made my first order in October 2015 and was a little careless-I bought items I wouldn’t normally just because they were so cheap. I found there were 2 items I wasn’t too keen on in my haul, however this was mostly due to me buying items that are not to my taste i.e. a bright yellow/turquoise stripey dress (turquoise is a colour that never has and never will suit me and I’m still pondering why I even thought to order it). I never returned these items, but gave them to a charity shop instead as they were so cheap I didn’t want to spend money returning them. This first haul taught me to be more prudent when considering items to buy; I think it’s important to remember to be specific and not go overboard even when buying cheap. (Pictures not taken by me are from everything5pounds.com)

Items I did not like:
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 00.28.26.png

The first dress I didn’t take my own photo of; I couldn’t bring myself to take one as it barely fit and I hated it instantly. I bought it in a large-supposedly a UK 12 (I’m a 10/12). It was so tight I could barely get it on and it felt like I was trying to squeeze into an 8!!  Also, the dress was so long it reached passed my knees (I’m 5’4). Furthermore I hated the colours, and I 100% regret buying it. This item is now sold out.

The second dress actually looks nice on, it’s a lovely green marl shade but it is just so short, barely stretching to the top of my thigh. If I do wear it out I have to wear a skirt over it and the whole ensemble just looks a bit odd. I bought an M/L supposedly a 10/12 and it is tight, but not too uncomfortably. Although I have worn this out, I definitely wouldn’t buy it again. The back is cut out but due to the roll neck style it just looks cheap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 00.29.00.png

The roll neck is very loose but as the rest of the dress is quite tight (I only have a 34B/C chest and it’s extremely tight around that area) the dress looks as cheap as it was.


All I ordered in this first order were dresses (is that really a surprise?) and my two favourites were these:

The first is a black dress with a gold chain across the front at the waist, and some gold chain cross over detailing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 00.29.38.png
The cross over detailing is very on trend and the dress looks as if it cost £20-30, everyone is shocked when I tell them it was only £5! It fits great, but is a little loose around the waist. This is probably due to me buying a large (12/14) as the medium was out of stock. It’s 95% polyester and 5% elastane but is very stretchy. It falls about 2 inches above my knee.

The second dress is my absolute favourite-unfortunately it is now out of stock. It is 60% cotton, so is stiff and thick but as it fits perfectly to my body this is great. I bought a large (12/14) in navy blue. This dress really enhances my figure whilst still looking classy-I always accessorise with the pictured belt as this makes my waist look smaller.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 00.30.23.png

The back is cut out and the sections of fabric within this are twisted. I find that this dress looks plain but the cut out twisted back helps make it a little unique. The dress also has 3/4 sleeves which make it great to wear in early spring when the weather is still cold but too warm to fully layer up. I am always complimented on this dress and I would definitely buy it again.

Although I disliked half the items in my first order, I realised that everything5pounds.com is an amazing website for cheap clothes, as long as you are very specific and careful with what you order. I was much more careful when it came to my second order in January and every item I received that time I adored. All of the items were originally from Boohoo so it was great to receive them for only £5 each!
Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 21.04.16

The only full picture I had of this dress is featuring my beautiful friend Emma. You’ll see me in this dress a lot. Although the fabric is quite thin, the long sleeves make it perfect for a cold summers day. The cold shoulder make the dress look stylish and the stripes definitely make me look slimmer.  I bought a size 12 and it fits me great-it looks tight but is loose enough that it’s super comfortable and has a lot of movement.

I also bought these two gorgeous grey dresses:

The first is a charcoal grey bodycon that I bought in a size 10, it fits me great although is a little tight over my bum. It helps to define my curves and as it’s thick any problem lumps are hidden. The second is similar to the stripey cold shoulder dress pictured above, only it’s a plain soft grey and has no cold shoulder detailing. The ribbing detail helps to elongate my body and the size 12 that I bought fits perfectly. Unfortunately these are now sold out.

Overall, I think that everything5pounds.com is a great site for bargains, I am yet to try out their shoes section but I have ordered many more times since these first 2 orders and have been very pleased. Most items I have received look much more expensive than £5 and this website has really helped me to have a stylish wardrobe whilst sticking to a budget.



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