Boux Avenue – My favourite sets

I love Boux Avenue. Not only is the lingerie on offer beautiful, it’s also pretty cheap (in the good way) with sets being sold from £25. I believe their bra sizing ranges from 28A to 40G (UK sizing) and they cater for UK dress sizes 6-20. I’ve only ever visited their Oxford Street (London), Trafford Centre (Manchester), and Manchester Arndale stores, but at every shop I have received amazing customer service. The stores have beautiful interior and they always have plenty of non-pushy staff on-hand to conduct fittings or assist you with finding sizes.

The Boux Avenue chloe lace plunge bra is my number 1 favourite bra-I currently have 3 sets and plan on getting more! The first one I got is actually the first ever thing I bought from Boux avenue (sorry for the terrible photos taken on old net-a-porter and adidas shoeboxes):

I’ve had this set for just over a year and it’s lasted amazingly, no signs of wear and tear (although the colour has faded a little) which is surprising for a lace set-I normally get my nails caught in the lace clothing and end up pulling a thread and destroying the whole thing! I love the bright white colour as not only is it great for wearing under light-coloured clothing but it makes me feel fabulous when I put it on. It makes my skin look brighter and makes me feel super cute (to me white lace is very angelic and innocent). The padding is quite light but gives a bit of a push up (my breasts actually look existent when I wear this) which is great as it makes me feel a lot more confident.

This bra fit me perfectly to begin with-I bought a 34B and it was like it was moulded to my body-but with age and washing the back strap has shrunk a bit (I may love food but I know this isn’t due to weight gain as my other sets are 34B and fit me perfectly). The bra is still comfortable when on the last hook, but before I could get away with using the first so I would recommend getting the size where you can use the first or middle hook to allow for some shrinkage. This is not a major issue, as I would expect it to happen with age, but it is a little inconvenient and disheartening.

I bought the Chloe lace thong to match this gorgeous bra. On it’s own the thong is £10 and the bra itself £24, but as a set it only cost £25 which is fabulously cheap for such a wonderful set. I bought the thong in a UK 12 and it fits well, but the band around the top is a little tight when resting on my hips. I normally hate thongs as they give me a major wedgie but this is wider at the back than most so it’s comfortable enough. The scalloped edging is very flattering and seems to help make my bum look rounder and fuller, whilst the lace appears delicate yet still relatively ‘sexy’.

Although these two are the same type and size (34B) as the aforementioned white set, they are much more comfortable (the other is comfy but these make me forget I’m even wearing a bra!) and the cups are slightly bigger.
The first is my favourite set (which may be due to the fact it was bought for me by my boyfriend-still surprised he got the correct size) even though it’s such a bright colour and is visible through nearly everything. I don’t mind the brightness; I have boobs and wear a bra, thats pretty obvious, so who cares if you can see it? The bright pink is tantalizing and makes my skin appear more tanned. This bra has an adorable rose detail in the middle of the bow (makes me think of something Disney’s Belle would wear) which compliments the floral lace beautifully.

With both of these sets, I have the matching Chloe lace shorts in a UK size 12. These shorts are comfortable, but not for long periods of time as I find they ride up pretty badly (particularly at the front). I love the style and the curvaceous figure they create-the shorts help to cover where my hip dips inwards between my ‘love handles’ and upper thigh. As mentioned before, the lace is delicate yet still relatively sexy.

I have only just purchased the second bra and am already in love with it. The bra itself is a navy blue with floral lace detailing, similar to the previously mentioned bras, except for the enchanting pink detailing over the top. This pink detailing contrasts with the navy colouring making this set appear intricate and alluring. This bra is super comfortable so is perfect for being practical and pleasing.

I find Boux Avenue bras to be the comfiest and best fitting, whilst the knickers on offer are not quite as comfortable but appear elegant. I definitely recommend shopping at Boux Avenue if you haven’t already as cheap, comfortable, and cute bras are hard to find! The staff are always very helpful, and they have a great fitting service which really helps you to learn which style is best suited to you. Plus students get 10% off with UNIDAYS! Sign up to UNIDAYS here for some amazing deals and offers.



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