Halter Wrap Swimsuit

I never normally buy swimsuits due to having a kinda big bum and tiny breasts-I find it hard enough to buy bikini sets that actually fit properly (look out for my post about the fabulous swimwear at M&S). However, when browsing the Topshop website in March to buy myself some birthday goodies I came across this beautifully coloured ‘halter wrap’ swimsuit and decided I had to have it. Although it stayed in my bottom drawer for a few months, I finally got the chance to wear it in Anna’s hot tub after a heavy weekend (the best hangover cure I’ve tried).

It is the comfiest swimsuit I have ever worn-I normally find the bottoms dig into my butt making it look lumpy and gross but this actually doesn’t!! I bought this in a UK 12 to accommodate my hips and butt, so it is a little big in the chest (what is a size 12 boob anyway?). It is a coral-pink colour which helps me look more tanned and prevents the swimsuit’s plain design appearing boring. The suit is 96% Polyamide and 4% Elastane meaning not only is it super stretchy but it’s also super soft. There are tiny circles all over the swimsuit that add a subtle 3D effect which is really flattering and helps make my stomach look flatter (and believe me I need all the help I can get with that-what even is a sit-up?).

As you can see from above, the bottoms are high-waisted and rest just above the belly button. This helps to prevent any muffin top and accentuates a curvy figure. The back is, well, non-existent; where the bottoms end there is no fabric to cover the back. I love this backless style as it lets me get a great tan great sunburn (I’m pale af and slightly ginger) whilst also helping to elongate my body as there are no straps to break it into sections.
The halter wrap at the front allows me to show a lot of skin whilst still covering enough that it’s ‘acceptable’ (not that I care, wear what you want-#freethenipple). Even though it looks flattering and unusual, the halter wrap can make for some unique tan lines, so I would avoid wearing a halter wrap if you want to tan  your front (or burn, in my case).

Although it looks supportive, it’s really not. My boobs swing around in this like a baboon swinging through the trees-there is zero support no matter how tight I tie it. Also, because I am small-breasted the top is slightly too big and therefore some side boob does pop out occasionally.
IMG_5528This may be due to the strip of slightly sticky fabric being on the inside edge rather than the outside, so the outside is loose-as you can kinda see in the picture. As there is no sort of stickyness to the outside edge, I find that when I lay down or swim the fabric moves and I am at a very high-risk of flashing some nipple when I stand up or get out the water. I deal with this by always making sure I check and readjust before moving, but if you plan on going to a water park or somewhere where you have to move a lot then this swimsuit is a big no-no.

If you’re two different sizes on top and bottom like me, then I would recommend opting for a tie-neck swimsuit like this one as I could buy the correct size for my bottom (UK12) and tie the top super tight to fit my chest (okay, it’s still slightly too big, but it’s manageable). Although it was originally £32 I got a 10% student discount through unidays, sign up here.

Ps I shaved for these pictures, be grateful.




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