All time favourites (Make up)

This is my first beauty post and I’m a little nervous about that so let’s hope I remain literate. I thought for my first post, I may as well introduce you to my all time favourite products. I made a really shitty video to demonstrate how I use them: (I’m not the best at make up but I’m not the worst so let’s give it a go aye)

I’m going talk about each product in the order I’ve used them in the video so let’s start with my all time favourite foundation: Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin. It’s pretty cheap, you can pick it up from boots for £12.99.

I use the lightest shade (110-Ivory) and it is the EXACT colour for my skin. I apply it by squeezing a pea size amount onto my finger then dotting that all over my cheeks and chin, then squeezing another pea size amount onto my finger and drawing a line along my big-ass forehead and down my nose. I then use my eco-tools foundation brush (£7.99) to blend it out in circular motions.
This foundation offers a lot of coverage whilst leaving my skin feeling smooth, plus it’s really lightweight (sometimes I forget I’m wearing any foundation until I look in the mirror and remember my skin isn’t naturally that clear). I get quite red splotchy skin (thanks acne) and with this foundation I don’t even need to use concealer to even out my skin tone-I’ve also found that it helps dry out some of my spots which is fabulous. I have super oily skin (if I don’t wear any make up for a day my skin looks like greasy bacon) but this foundation can wear for 24 hours without any oil seeping through. If you have oily skin I would definitely recommend this foundation, I love it! I have been using this foundation for nearly 2 years now and I’m only on my 8th bottle, so the value for money is amazing.

After applying my foundation I normally go to contour, but in the video I seem to have applied blush first?? Weird. I used Benefit’s Sugarbomb, but I regularly switch between that and Benefit’s Hervana. I find it hard to pick a favourite so I’m going to talk about both! They’re available from boots for £23.50 each.

I’ve been using Sugarbomb for just over 3 years after I first received it in a Benefit gift set as a Christmas present. The gift set included a full sized Sugarbomb, which lasted me until December 2015 (lasting around 3 years which is amazing). I have since bought a new one and I adore the colour this gives my cheeks. Sugarbomb is more pigmented than Hervana and is a little more orangey, this makes it great to use in winter to add a pop of colour and a dash of shimmer to my cheeks. I sweep it across both cheeks (the ones on my face) twice using the amazing goat-hair brush provided and it’ll last me all day. Hervana is a much lighter colour, I tend to use this in summer as it’s more pinky/rose. I apply it the same as Sugarbomb, but I do 3-4 sweeps on each cheek as it’s very soft. If you have a darker skin tone, I would definitely recommend using Sugarbomb over Hervana as Hervana would barely show up unless you had a very heavy hand.

On top of my blush I apply Benefit’s High Beam for highlight-this can be bought from boots for £19.50.

IMG_5461.jpgAs it’s a liquid highlight I use the applicator brush to swipe a line across the top of my cheek and up passed my eye, then blend it with my fingers. I’ve tried blending with my beauty blender but it just seems to come off taking my foundation with it. I also apply a dot to the end of my nose and on my cupids bow.
This highlight adds a subtle radiant glow and I find it superb as a base for glitter or glittery powders. It tends to last around 12 hours when on and a bottle lasts me around 2 years, so it is pretty good value for money. I do sometimes use just high beam as a highlighter and when doing this I apply 2-3 coats.

For my contour (I only do a little as I’m no expert) I use Topshop’s contour cream in sweep which is £10. They do a darker shade-‘Swerve’-for the same price.

IMG_5458I apply this using my fingers to where my cheeks go in when I make a fishy face and down the sides of my nose. I then blend it out with my beauty blender. I don’t use much, but I bought it in march and after 5 months I’m nearly out. It’s very easy to use, and for a cream contour it’s great value for money. It really helps to give more shape and definition to my chubby round face and lasts around 12 hours. You do have to be careful with the amount you apply, only apply a little and blend then add more on top and build it up as it can get lumpy and look muddy if you apply too much at once, but always blend.

Okay, now let’s move on to the products I use on my hooded eyes. My favourite eyeshadow is the ‘Champagne Gold’ from my YSL Kiss & Love Edition palette. The whole palette is available for £59 (lucky for me I received it as a gift). YSL.jpgThe eyeshadows in this palette are so pigmented and beautiful-I only need to apply 1 or 2 layers for a bright colour and thats without primer! My all time favourite eyeshadow is Champagne Gold as I love the warm coppery undertones-it really helps bring out my dull brown eyes but still doesn’t look over the top for a day-to-day look. I’ve swatched the shadows in the clip below. The colours from left to right are: Champagne Gold/Silvery Shimmer/High Pearl Gold/Dark Brown

This palette contains a very subtle light pink blush, this does add a touch of colour but it barely shows up on my pale skin so I doubt it would be very good on other skin tones. I don’t like the blush in this palette and barely use it. There are also two gorgeous lip gloss colours. IMG_5476.jpgThe pink I like to use to add a bit of shine to my lips, which makes them look healthier and less chapped. The red can be built up-applying it using the brush supplied-to produce a nice glossy red lip. This colour is great for a night out, but it only lasts up to 4 hours and even less if I eat (which I’m doing all the time). This means that to top it up I’d have to take the whole palette out-this would be fine in the day as it easily fits in a handbag but I wouldn’t take it out on a night out.

I love the eyeshadows in this palette, but I would not pay £59 for the whole thing. The eyeshadows are the only amazing product within this palette.

People with hooded eyes are often discouraged from using eyeliner but I find it works fine as long as I don’t make the wing too long or too high up and if I keep the line thin.
I use L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense which can be bought from boots for £6.99. This eyeliner isn’t the darkest black, but it dries very quickly and stays on for around 30 hours without smudging too much.

I love that the tip is thin, but still thick enough that you don’t have to spend ages filling in a drawn line. The tip shape makes the eyeliner super easy to use-I just aim for where I want the wing to end, and swipe from that point over to mid-way across my eyelid, then swipe from the inner corner of my eye to the point I just left. With this eyeliner I don’t need to spend ages drawing a wing, I can just use the tip (although it doesn’t come out AMAZING it works for a day-to-day look and I don’t have to put in much effort at all). I have had this for about 3 months now and it still works great (so is wonderful value for money) but I do have to wipe the tip with a make up wipe after I use it as otherwise there is a little build up of eyeshadow. I often use a pencil eyeliner on my bottom lash line for a dramatic look but I still haven’t found my favourite yet-any suggestions feel free to comment!

To finish off my eyes I have many mascaras, but my favourite is Clarins wonder perfect mascara which costs £21.50 (although I received it as a christmas present in a set).
clarins mascara.jpg

The brush is very soft, but the bristles don’t flatten which means that no matter how much product I apply my lashes don’t clump. It’s a black colour and adds a lot of length and volume to my lashes whilst not looking overly fake. Although it can take a few seconds to dry  (when I blink it transfers onto the bags under my eyes and they’re dark enough already) once it is dry it stays on for hours and hours without smudging which is perfect. I adore this mascara and when it runs out (I’ve had it for 8 months and it hasn’t yet) I will definitely buy another.

For my lips, I have 3 favourites:
IMG_5548.jpgIn the video, I use NYX soft matte lip cream in London which is available at boots for £5.50. This is a beautiful brown colour which I like to use to create an autumnal look. I pair this with a brown eyeshadow and the whole look really compliments my dull brown eyes, making them look brighter. This lip cream is very drying though. I use vaseline underneath then apply this, and it takes about 5 minutes to dry (I often apply it, then do my eye make up so I don’t have to sit around waiting) but it continues to dry and after about 3 hours my lips feel like a desert (as in a very dry place, not dessert which would be a fabulous feeling). I do have to reapply every 3-4 hours because of this but if you can cope with that feeling then it can last around 6/7 hours and even withstands eating!! For a more summery look I use LOC X millie lip pencil in Bohemian Rose (which I received in my July Birchbox) . This is an exclusive and is only available at Birchbox for £9. This is super hydrating-my lips feel heavenly when wearing this. It is quite pink and very glossy so is great for a summers day but I wouldn’t find myself wearing it on a night out. The colour stays for around 4/5 hours but it does come off when eating, however the lip pencil is small enough to carry around easily. My go-to all year round is the Esteé Lauder Pure Colour long-lasting lipstick in Blushing Creme available for £22. This lipstick is super creamy and makes my lips feel super soft. The colour is wonderful and it goes with absolutely everything, it is definitely worth the money. The case is really pretty, even though it’s quite plain it looks very sophisticted. The colour does not last if I eat and it transfers quite a bit onto anything, but I love the colour and the way it feels so much that I don’t care! I’m happy to reapply it constantly. I have had this lipstick for nearly 2 years, it even half melted in the sun (it was pretty easy to reshape), and I still love it. It’s a little shimmery too.
You an see all 3 below-right to left: Nyx London-Esteé Lauder Blushing-LOC
(excuse my cheesy grin and horrible teeth)

In the video, I then apply the No7 limited edition bronzer I received at christmas. This is no longer available, I would say the closest product to it is the No7 shimmer palette bronze which you can pick up for £13.50. If I decide not to wear blush then I use my bronzer brush to apply this to my cheeks, making sure the darker colours are toward the bottom of my cheek and lighter colours on the top. However, if I am wearing blush (which is most of the time) Then I use the lightest top colour strip as a highlight. I swipe my finger across this strip and dab it along my cheekbone and up just passed my eye (in the same place I use Highbeam).
Bronzer.jpgThis bronzer is very shimmery, which I love!! I want to shine as bright as a diamond (Rihanna is so inspiring). Glitter and shimmer make my life better. I’ve had this bronzer for 8 months now and it is starting to run out, I am just praying they release the gift set at christmas again (if they do and anyone is feeling generous, you know where to find me). As it’s hypo-allergenic this bronzer is one of the only ones I have found that does not clog up my pores horrendously or cause me to break out. It is just marvellous (can you tell yet that I don’t really know technical terms when it comes to make up?).

I have not used either of these in the video, but they deserve a mention as these are my FAVOURITE products to use as a highlight. I love a glittery-looking highlight (I know that’s not normal but as I said earlier, glitter makes my life better) so I use Topshop Chameleon Glow in U-turn or Wax&Wane (both available for £9).
Right to left: Wax&Wane / U-turn

These are very powdery so there is a lot of fallout but I don’t mind being covered in shimmery glitter powder so I’m okay with that. I apply these on top of Highbeam with a blush brush (using highbeam as a base makes them pop and I have to use fewer product) or I use them as an eyeshadow applying product with my finger. Wax and Wane is better as an eyeshadow as U-turn needs a lot of layering for a strong colour and that means it transfers onto my hood (eye hood not hoodie hood). For only £9 these products are very versatile and they last ages! The pots are small but I’ve had wax and wane for about 7 months now and still have plenty left. When I wear these I am always complimented on my highlight. However, you do need to be careful not to apply too much or it can look like a weird line on your face.

So yeah, those are all my favourite make up products! Sorry for the super long post and lack of technical terminology. I had been asked by my two amazing friends Bex and Hannah to do a make up post and I thought introducing you all to my favourites would be the best start! This has taken a while for me to write (It’s like 2,500 words) and I tried to be informative yet concise, but if you have any questions feel free to ask!



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