August Birchbox

A few days ago I got my August Birchbox and opened it immediately. I’ve been getting it for 3 months now and I have been pretty pleased with the products included as I’ve had quite a range of make up and skin care products. I have a 6-month subscription and my box is always delivered at the beginning of the month, I have never had any issues and all products have been good quality. Each box is £10 plus £2.95 delivery and contains 5-6 products (although 3 and 6 months subscriptions include discounted delivery price).
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Normally each Birchbox is delivered in a box (pretty obvious from the name), however this month the products were delivered in a cosmetics bag (inside a a plain pink delivery box):
I did also receive a dry shampoo, but it’s not pictured as I left it at my boyfriend’s when I saw him at the weekend-I always seem to leave something, oops.

Let’s start with the skincare products. Quite a few people complain about the number of skincare products you receive in the boxes, however I like the variation and didn’t sign up just for make up. I have found some wonderful skincare products through Birchbox.
I was sent a full size ‘Merci Handy’ hand cleansing gel in Chérie Cherry. The beads in the cleansing gel dissolve when you rub your hands together and this product makes my hands feel super smooth. Although it’s called Chérie Cherry the only cherry thing about this product is the colour-the smell is okay, smells like any other hand sanitiser, but there is no hint of cherry which I found slightly disappointing. As this is a french product, all the ingredients are in french so I have no idea what is actually in it-hopefully nothing I’m allergic to but I doubt it contains penicillin. This product can be bought from Birchbox for £2.90 but I probably won’t be buying it.
The next product pictured is a full size Anatomicals’ Citrus Body Scrub. I am disappointed with the smell as it reminds me of grapefruit and grapefruit is the worst fruit on earth, but if you’re into that then I’m sure it’ll smell good. I used this on my legs after a (much needed) shave and it made my legs feel very hydrated and smooth-normally my legs are super dry after a shower so this product really helped. You can pick it up for £3.99 so it is great value for money (plus the packaging has a funny little poem on the back).
Lastly for skincare, I received a sample size Balance Me Congested Skin Serum-this can be bought in full size for £16. Unfortunately the sample is only 7ml which won’t last me long as I love this product! I will definitely be buying the full size product. The redness of my spots begins to reduce around 10 minutes after use and it helps control my oily skin (it’s so oily I need all the help I can get).

The final 3 products I received this month were all sample sizes.
The English Laundry EDP can be bought for £60. I used this sample on Friday and found that the smell was a little overpowering-you would only need one or two sprays as it is a very strong smell, however this only lingers for 4-5 hours. The smell is very fresh with a hint of sweetness. It definitely reminds me of fresh, clean laundry blowing in the wind (I guess the hint was in the name). I do like the smell, but I prefer what I currently use (The one – Dolce and Gabbana).
Each subscriber was given the option of a brown or mulberry Marcelle eyeliner. A full size can be bought for £10.50. It is a pencil liner, so is hard to use to create a wing. The colour is darker than I expected  but I like using it on my lower lashline. I attempted to use this for my top eyeliner but found that the product applied patchy unless I used an almost painful amount of pressure and I’m not bursting my eyeball just for my eyeliner to look good.

This picture is from google as I forgot to bring my dry shampoo home.
IMG_5749This dry shampoo is amazing. Normally, dry shampoo works for about 4 hours in my hair and then my hair becomes clumpy and super gross and I have to shower straight away, however with this product my hair looks like I’ve just showered but has 10x the volume. I will definitely be getting the full size for £14.50. I used this on Saturday when I needed to run to the shops after a very late night (we went to watch Suicide Squad) and my hair stayed looking clean and fresh for the whole day. I was amazed-normally I have to wash my hair everyday (can go 2 days but it looks a little clumpy) especially as my roots are pretty bad at the moment, but now with this product I should be able to push that to every 3/4 days. I’ve finally found a product I will be able to use at festivals etc so my hair doesn’t end up looking like Gollum’s!

I was skeptical about Birchbox to begin with but I have liked every box so far and they seem to be incorporating more make up items which will be great. Although I haven’t bought many of the products again, it has given me the opportunity to explore a wide range of products I would never normally buy. There is always at least one full size product and the sample sizes included are large enough to be able to use the product at least 4/5 times. I don’t think I have anything else to say, but if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.
Ps don’t forget you can sign up here and receive £5 to spend.


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