Monty’s Lounge – Bournemouth

After a bit of shopping in Bournemouth town centre, my dad and I were feeling a bit peckish and decided to stop and eat at Monty’s Lounge, a gourmet burger bar. They have two locations-Pokesdown and Bournemouth town centre (just passed New Look). The interior of this place is adorable: they have super cute paper hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling (but I didn’t get a picture because I was too busy scoffing my face) and the toilet has a very true piece of wall art (it was also immaculately clean).

The staff were lovely and were very happy to help when we asked to move tables due to the sun-they also cleaned the tables immediately which is great service. The service was very quick and the staff were so accommodating-they even left some sweets on the bill!

For a burger bar, the menu is quite large with lots on offer. The drinks menu had quite a few ales, ciders and lagers, but there was also a large cocktail and soft drink selection. I had a Fentiman’s Ginger Beer-served with ice in a mason jar mug-and Dad had a Doombar served in the bottle with a glass. They have also started doing ‘freakshakes’ but unfortunately I didn’t get to try one as I was so stuffed after my burger I could hardly move (I blew up like Aunt Marge). Prices range from £7.50-8.50 for a burger and £2.50-3.50 for sides. The prices seem steep as you order the burger and sides separately, but the portions are huge so it is worth it.

I ordered the Chicken and Chorizo burger and it was heavenly. The chicken was seasoned with paprika and was so tender and juicy. The chorizo was a perfect match for this, and the soft cheese on the bottom added a wonderful flavour. My dad ordered the Pulled Beef Burger and luckily for me he let me have a taste! The beef was quite soft and had a sweet taste, but the gorgeous Monterey Jack cheese topping helped to ensure it wasn’t overly sweet. Both were served in a lovely Brioche bun which was so smooth and made eating the massive burger easier as it was easy to squish down.
We decided to share some sweet potato fries as this was just a quick lunch stop, and they were cooked so well. They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the way everyone loves. They were not seasoned at all, which I prefer as I like to add my own salt and pepper to taste. We were offered a choice of mayonnaise or tomato sauce on the side (of course we chose mayonnaise, I can’t live without the stuff).

I would definitely recommend Monty’s Lounge to any food lover, service was fabulous and the chefs are wonderful. It’s a great place and I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their menu!


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