Spicy Lips

Everyone has that one shade of lip colour they cannot stop buying, for me that shade is brown (and yes each one is different, I promise).
Boots had an offer on No7 products (if you bought 2 you would receive a free beauty sample box with a mascara, primer, eyeshadow and free lipstick voucher) so I bought a lipstick and an eyeshadow, and was able to use the free lipstick voucher in the same transaction. The two No7 lipsticks I bought were Stay Perfect “cinnamon spice” (£9.95) and Moisture Drench “nutmeg spice” (£9.95). Amongst a lot of skin care products (which I will post about soon) I also bought Max Factor Lipfinity “spicy” (£10.99).

The No7 lipsticks both have an amazing feel and I would say they are great value for money at only £9.95 each! The casings are also very sturdy.

The Stay Perfect lipstick is matte and once applied lasts around 3-4hours if you don’t eat (I find it comes off as soon as I eat but I’m a pretty messy eater). It’s super easy to apply and the texture is very soft-I don’t find it drying at all.
The Moisture Drench lipstick is semi-satin and once applied lasts around 3 hours without eating (I find if I blot it on some tissue then it isn’t as shiny and lasts a bit longer) . It isn’t as easy to apply as the pointed tip can accentuate the cupids bow a little bit too much  (I’m pretty rubbish at applying lipstick though so maybe it’s just my lack of talent) but the texture is so silky and smooth. This lipstick makes my lips feel hydrated and moisturised.

Max Factor Lipfinity really lives up to its name, goodluck getting this stuff off! Each £10.99 pack comes with a matte lipcolour and a clear coating stick to apply on top (this coating adds a bit of moisture as without it the formula is a little drying).
This was recommended to me by my wonderful friend Tia (who is currently trekking Kilimanjaro-donate here). Lipfinity is definitely worth the money, I have had it last for 20 hours with eating and drinking (obviously, I mean I couldn’t go 2 hours without food let alone 20). This is perfect for a night out as there’s no need to reapply for the whole night so you don’t have to worry about taking it out with you! It’s easy to apply, but god help you if you miss a bit as it’s very tough to remove once dry. It goes sticky after about 2 minutes which is when you should apply the clear coating, and then it dries after about 5 minutes. This provides a matte finish but with a slight gloss look. The only thing I’ve found that can remove this stuff is micellar water on top of a make up wipe (and it takes about 5 minutes of rubbing).

If you can’t get enough of brown shades, I highly recommend these products as they are relatively cheap and are great value for money! They would definitely suit all skin colours.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!




  1. I bought the caramel silk no.7 moisture drench lipstick as recommended by the girl at the counter with the colour matcher and lipstick for your skin recommendation. It’s such a beautiful yet subtle colour and has a nicer feel than Mac lipstick, but I needed to use a bit of powder then reapply then top with lip cote to make it last up to four hours with out reapplication. But I have this problem with all lipsticks. Would definitely recommend their matching service!

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