Morphe 35t

First of all, I would like to apologise for not writing for a few weeks. I’ve been ill and super busy preparing for uni, oh and I also went camping.

My friend recently bought 2 morphe palettes and as soon as she showed me pictures of them I knew I had to get one (I have no impulse control). The 35t palette is perfect for me, so many brown/deep purple colours and so many shimmery shades. I love this palette.



I’ve swatched some of my favourite colours-although I haven’t been able to discover all the shades this palette has to offer yet these are a few that I have adored. I’ve tried numbering them based on their position in the palette from top left onwards. (Excuse the badly hidden written numbers underneath-my memory isn’t that great ok)

Shade 1 is a great blending shade, it’s a subtle purple but is very light and soft. The two last shades on this swatch (32&34) are very dark and I like to mix them together to create an almost black colour, which is great for a cut crease. The shimmer shades are all amazing and creamy. All of these eyeshadows are so pigmented and they apply beautifully  (I use ecotools eye enhancing duo set for my eye make up-only £6.99 from boots and they’re amaze). Some of the darker shades are hard to blend out (I’m talking 5/6 minutes of rubbing a brush in your eyelid crease) but the shades are so beautiful it’s worth it. Once applied, the eyeshadow stays put very well (I don’t use setting sprays, I may waste my money on useless shit but setting spray is a step too far for me) and can last around 10 hours without smudging or losing colour without a primer, and around 12-14 with.

I’ve been trying to test out the palette this week, I’ve only had time to use it 3 times- two day looks and one day/night look. The day/night look is first in the pictures below (excuse my lack of other make up, it was 11pm and I wasn’t going out anywhere, I just like playing around). The two day looks are very similar, but the first I used a more golden shimmer shade and the second a rose gold shimmer shade. As you can see the lighter colours do blend out well.

I love this palette, and for only £19.50 from Beauty Bay it’s definitely amazing value for money. I ordered from Beauty Bay on the Tuesday and this palette was delivered 6 days later on the Monday (and delivery was free!).




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